Fuchsiii´s Data Policy

From the 11.03.2024

Version: 2 Active since: 05.07.2024

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Data Policy

In this Document you can find the Data Policy for our Services like: LoloCraft, Jasmod and Embrake Stuff

All official Fuchsiii's projects receive a symbol (usually at the bottom of the page) to mark the authenticity of the project. This symbol is copyrighted by Fuchsiii's


1. Websites and Accounts

1.1 Account creation

When creating an account (at Fuchsii's News or Fuchsiii's Get) you agree that

that we may store the data you provide on our self-hosted server.

Of course, you have the right to delete your account from our system at any time

let. To do this, please visit our support. But don't worry after that

Account deletion means your account AND all ticket histories will be deleted with the email.

1.2 Website Cookies

On the folowing sites we are use Cookies:

  • embrake.de
  • *.embrake.de
  • fuchsiii.de
  • lolocraft.net
  • jasmod.net
  • *.lolocraft.net
  • *.fuchsiii.de
  • *.jasmod.net

You can delete you Cookies everytime in you Browser settings. Here is how to delete Cookies in you Browser: (Chrome, Firefox, Opera/OperaGX)

1.3 Newsletter Subscription

When you register at news.fuchsiii.de, your email address will be added to our news distribution list

recorded. You can unsubscribe from any news email you receive or at https://newsletter.fuchsiii.de/lists/?p=unsubscribe

2. Fuchsiii´s Links, Support and other Thinks

2.1 Link redirects and ip logging

Fuchsiii's uses its own link system to quickly create a redirect link.

(shortlink.fuchsiii.de/link.fuchsiii.de/link.lolocraft.net/link.jasmod.net). When you click on one

URL with the prefix shortlink or link is such a shortlink. When clickingsome data is collected. This includes:

  • The IP address (Anonymous): The IP address is recorded to estimate the location so that we can ensure that the link is forwarded as well as possible can.
  • Operating system: We have the ability to see which operating system clicked on the link. This has the advantage that we forward it for "special" operating systems
  • Page you came from: For example, if you clicked on the link on Instagram, we can see this.
  • If you are usign a VPN: We can see if you are Usign a VPN.

2.2 Support and help

With Fuchsiii's support, data is stored to make support easier.

  • E-Mail and Name
  • Ticket-history
  • (optional) Account Data
    • Fuchsiii´s Get
    • Newsletter Account

Deletion of the data can be requested at any time via support

2.3 Use of data from lura.embrake.de

The site is a Fuchsiii's site and when using the if you provide the data you automatically accept this paragraph:

  • When downloading any data from the Site you IP adress will be stored at the Fuchsiii´s Server securely. It doesn't matter whether you are logged in or not. But if you are logged in you can see your data yourself in the account dashboard.
  • When you are regist a Account at the Site the given E-Mail address will be added automaticly to the Fuchsiii´s Newsletter.

All data can be requested from support or deleted. If you don't with the

agree to data protection.

3. Apfeltaschen Bot (Deutsch)

3.1 Terms of Service

Bei der benutzung des Bots erklärt der Server Inhaber sich automatisch bereit daten wie z.B. Server Name oder Mitglieder freizugeben um eine Statistische sicht für den bot zu zeigen,

4. Fuchsiii´s Script Store


We partner with Tebex Limited (www.tebex.io), who are the official merchant of digital content produced by us. If you wish to purchase licenses to use digital content we produce, you must do so through Tebex as our licensed reseller and merchant of record. In order to make any such purchase from Tebex, you must agree to their terms, available at https://checkout.tebex.io/terms. If you have any queries about a purchase made through Tebex, including but not limited to refund requests, technical issues or billing enquiries, you should contact Tebex support at https://www.tebex.io/contact/checkout in the first instance.